Ruth W. Bass, MS, CCC-SLP

- Licensed and Certified Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist


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The following information is directed at answering some of your inquiries about office policies. Any additional questions may be submitted online to: or… just ask!

How long are the sessions?
• One Hour Session - 50 minutes • One Half Hour Session - 25 minutes

Should I keep my appointment I am sick?
Please cancel immediately if you or your child become ill. Please do not attend therapy if you or your child have had a fever within 48 hours prior to your appointment. For your health as well as the sake of your child and others, we must ask that you cancel if your child has a potentially contagious illness such as the flu, a cold, or other infectious disease. In return, your therapist will afford you the same consideration and notify you right away if she becomes ill.

What about homework?
Home practice, parent involvement, and daily exercises are an essential component of the therapy process. If you are given exercises, iPad games, and/or worksheets to do, please follow through for a more positive outcome. Progress takes just a few minutes of daily practice.

What is the cancellation policy?
A 24-hour notice is required. Please make every effort to attend all scheduled appointments. Cancellations due to illness are unpredictable and understandable; however, frequent cancellations may reflect a lack of commitment to the therapy process and will likely result in unmet goals. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours ahead, otherwise you will be charged in full. Our hope is that your child will make progress and benefit by being seen regularly.

Will my child be affected if we miss appointments or are late to an appointment?
A finite amount of time has been allotted for your office visits. It is in your best interest to arrive a few minutes before your appointment. Arriving late will result in a shortened session. Recommendations have been made based on your needs and frequent cancellations or a lack of continuity may result in unmet goals.

When do I pay for sessions?
Families are asked to keep current and pay their bill each week. Island Therapies does not bill insurance directly and does not belong to any networks; however, a statement will be provided each month via email for insurance reimbursement. Payment can be made by check, zelle, FSA/HSA, Visa, MC, Discover and/or AmEx.

Please do not use your cell phone during therapy. Your full participation is much appreciated.

Making a world of difference together is our goal – it’s all about teamwork!
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